Bird Table


Hand-constructed from planed, standardised timber and a waterproof plywood base. All joints are fixed with high quality, counter-sunk, zinc-plated screws. All timber is treated to ensure weather proofing and longevity.

The thatch is Devon-grown wheat reed, secured with treated wood and screws. As thatch is an organic material and will, eventually lose some of it's natural weather-resistance, a layer of water-proof felt is placed directly
below the thatch to keep the birdís food dry.

The table is available in either brown or green and is supplied with a length of high quality, black, steel chain and fixing kit to allow for hanging. Alternatively a stand can be purchased; please see the bird table stand product section.

As with all products, if there are any design features you wish to alter such as size, colour etc, please visit the bespoke section of the site and follow the guidance.

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Plus £8.00 p&p